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When Should I Consider Dental Sedation?

Visiting the dentist is a necessary part of life, but for some, these visits have the potential to be anxiety-provoking and even traumatic. That is why you should know the dental clinic near you helps with anxiety that stems from dental treatments.

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At Fraserview Dentist, we address these fears by offering our patients a comfortable setting, a calm and communicative dental team, and if needed dental sedation. Dental sedation is available as an option to help patients relax and get comfortable during procedures, from mild teeth cleanings to root canals, extractions, and dental implants. Offering dental sedation allows us to give just the right amount of help that each patient requires and requests.

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About Dental Sedation At A Dental Clinic Near You

Sedation Dentistry Dental Clinic Near Me
Dental sedation comes in a variety of forms and sedation levels, allowing it to be tailored to the needs of the dental professionals, as well as the comfort level of the patient. From very mild sedation in which you’re relaxed but lucid, to moderate sedation which leaves you feeling half-asleep. Dental sedation offers a reprieve for patients who get anxiety before dental procedures.
Patients often receive dental sedation for:
Getting procedures done under time constraints
Treating anxiety that has prevented a dentist visit in the past
Discomfort or inconvenience due to multiple visits

Some people are so terrified of the dentist, they allow tooth pain to endure and cavities to grow rather than visiting a dental professional. Dental sedation allows these people to receive the care they need without provoking anxiety or distress. Whether you have mild anxiety or total fear of the dentist, dental sedation can help. Check how the dental clinic near you can help, just contact us and we’ll walk through the process, and your fears with you.

Oral Sedation At A Dental Clinic Near You

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Our office offers oral sedation. This method diminishes pain and reduces anxiety, though you are not sedated to the point of unconsciousness.

Oral sedation comes in a pill or tablet which you’ll either swallow or dissolve under your tongue. Depending on the desired effect, sedation could be extremely mild (where you’re relaxed but conscious) to moderate (you’re conscious but might slur words and probably won’t remember the procedure very well or at all).


Usually, you take one of two pills, both of which are in the class of benzodiazepines. One, called Ativan© (generic name: lorazepam), is taken about an hour before your procedure begins. The other, called Halcion© (generic name: triazolam) has one of the shortest onset and duration of action in the category and is taken roughly 30 minutes before your procedure. The drugs are designed to cause drowsiness and fight insomnia. Some patients are able to fall asleep under this kind of sedation, but you can still be gently shaken awake if need be.