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fraser street in the 1950's

This is what Fraser Street looked like in the 1950’s, around the time we started.

Our History As A South Vancouver Dentist

Fraserview Dentist has been serving the Fraser Street community since the late ‘60s. Originally we were located at 51st and Fraser, but 20 years ago we moved to our current location in the old TD Bank building. We have staff members who’ve lived in this area their entire lives, and we’ve been involved in supporting local schools, churches, and the community as a whole in many different ways over the years. We’re proud to be a participating member in the Fraser Street Business Association, and we’re always up for contributing to any initiative that makes this neighbourhood a better place to live.

Many patients have been coming to us since they were children, and now they have children of their own who also come to Fraserview Dentist. This contributes to a very comfortable atmosphere in our office, and we appreciate how many times our patients recommend us to others looking for a dentist in South Vancouver.

Our Vancouver Dental Office Now

Fraserview Dentist has received a major renovation and modernization, and the office now features state-of-the-art dentistry technology that brings the versatility, speed, and superior cleaning results that come with laser dentistry. Our new digital x-ray machines produce much less radiation than older-model conventional film units, and our experienced dental assistants use the newest technology to sterilize their dental implements. It allows us to ensure that each one is 100% clean before being used again.

We’re also aware that various dental procedures can have you sitting in one spot for extended periods of time, which can become uncomfortable. That’s why our new chairs are especially comfortable and feature an ergonomic design that accommodates your body so much more effectively. So whether you’re in for a quick check-up or you’re settling in for a longer procedure like root canals, you’re going to be plenty comfy. And last but not least, there’s a ceiling-mounted TV in each room for your entertainment. Shows, news, sports – put on whatever you like!

We’re pleased to be able to offer modern dental healthcare to children, teenagers, and adults of all ages in the community, and we’re going to ensure that your visits are as enjoyable as possible.

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Fraserview Dentist is proudly owned by Dr. Chris Lee and Dr. Amin Shivji.

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