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Are you looking to refer a patient to our dental specialist?

If you’re a dentist in the Vancouver area and you have a patient who needs a specialty service that you don’t handle in your office, consider referring them to Fraserview Dentist. We have advanced equipment and offer numerous specialty services to help make sure your patient gets the best care possible.

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CBCT Machine

Are you a dentist looking for our CBCT Referral Form?

One of the latest pieces of equipment we have in our office is a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) machine. This advanced X-ray machine captures multiple pictures of a patient’s teeth, bone, soft tissue, and nerve pathways and pieces these pictures together to form a clear and detailed 3D image. This type of scan is ideal for times when a regular dental X-ray can’t provide a satisfactory view of the area.

CBCT scans also offer a number of benefits to the patient. It’s painless, noninvasive, and provides several views and angles for a more complete evaluation. Some of the common uses for a CBCT scan include creating a plan for computer-guided implant surgery, diagnosing airway sleep disorders, putting together a plan for surgically fixing impacted teeth, and creating a plan for reconstructive surgery.

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Send-Back Guarantee

When we offer specialty services to other dentists in the area, it’s only to help out specialty patients, not to gain more general patients. This means that we see your patients strictly for the specialty procedure they need. When the procedure is complete, your patients are sent back to your clinic for the rest of their care. If there are any other treatments that we think are necessary, we communicate this with you. Thanks to this policy, you can have confidence knowing your patients will always be within your care.

Teaching Implants

Along with offering exceptional care to patients, we’re also committed to helping future and current dentists learn the skills they need to properly perform a variety of dental care procedures. This is why Dr. Chris Lee is a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia, which is consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. Additionally, Dr. Lee teaches implants at BITES Institute, which is one of the leading continuing education facilities in Canada.

Other Specialty Services

At Fraserview Dentist, we offer a variety of specialty services that can help your patients receive the best care possible. The following services are just some of the procedures we can provide to your patients.

Teeth Extractions

Even though permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, there are times when the only solution to a dental problem is a tooth extraction. Patients might need a tooth extraction for numerous reasons, including damage from trauma, decay, infection, risk of infection, or even an overcrowded mouth. No matter why your patients might need a tooth pulled, we can handle the extraction.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is another specialty service we offer at our clinic. Gum grafting is a procedure that can help correct receding gums. During this procedure, tissue from one part of the mouth is transplanted to another area of the mouth that has exposed tooth root. Covering the exposed tooth root will help reduce pain and sensitivity in the patient’s mouth and could help prevent tooth loss.

If you have a patient who requires specialty care not offered at your office, contact Fraserview Dentist today to learn more about our referral program. You can rest easy knowing your patients are receiving quality care when they visit our office for one of our specialty services.

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Implant Surgeries

If your patients have a missing tooth, they might benefit from dental implant surgery. A dental implant is a long-term solution that replaces the missing tooth with a strong, realistic-looking prosthetic. At Fraserview Dentist, we use Endosteal implants. This type of implant consists of a post implanted directly in the jawbone. After the gums have healed around the first implant, additional posts are added around the artificial tooth for support.
Dental implants offer several benefits to your patients. When properly cared for, dental implants typically last a lifetime. Of all the tooth replacement options, a dental implant provides the best strength and stability. Additionally, implants are a natural size and shape that fit in with the surrounding teeth and allow the patient to bite, eat, and talk normally.

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Sinus Lift

Sometimes a patient’s jaw isn’t thick enough to support a dental implant. In these situations, a procedure called a sinus lift might be required before the implant can go in place. During a sinus lift, the sinus membrane is moved upward so that additional bone can be added between the jaw and maxillary sinuses. Once this has healed, the patient will come back to have the dental implant inserted into the newly formed bone.

If you have a patient who requires specialty care not offered at your office, contact Fraserview Dentist today to learn more about our referral program. You can rest easy knowing your patients are receiving quality care when they visit our office for one of our specialty services.